Scaling STEM. Immersing Students in Startups.

It's time for high schoolers to get "out of the building."

Startup High is a summer experience where teens engage local entrepreneurs, perform volunteer service, and develop their own entrepreneurial projects using computer science.

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About Startup High

The vision of Startup High is to immerse high school students into the real world through the following activities:

  • Researching/Engaging Entrepreneurs
  • Coding 101
  • LinkedIn Training
  • Pitching Entrepreneurial Project
  • Rejection Therapy
  • Volunteer Community Service

Videos that help tell the Startup High Story:

Student Perspective (1:11)
The Vision (2:16)
Example of Student Work (0:38)

Look forward to working with you to ensure our young people are ready to solve the world's problems.

Scott Kelly, Co-Founder


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Previously Represented High Schools

Apex Georgetown Day School Orange High Trinity School
Athens Drive Heritage Panther Creek Union Pines
Broughton Hillside Pine Lake Preparatory Voyager Academy
Cardinal Gibbons Independence Pinecrest Wake Early Colleg
Carolina Friends JD Clement Early College Raleigh Charter Wake YM Academy
Cary Academy Jordan Research Triangle High West Forsythe
Cary High Leesville Road Riverside Vance
Cedar Ridge Mallard Creek Salem Middle
City of Medicine Middle College @ Durham Tech Sanderson
Durham Schools of Arts Millbrook SantaCruz (CA)
East Chapel Hill Myers Park Southeast Raleigh Magnet
Enloe North Moore Southern
Fuquay Varina Northern Southern Wake Academy
Garner Northwood St. David's

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2015 Program Locations

Raleigh, NC Metro

Virginia Beach, VA

Lenoir, NC

Location: Multiple

Location: Town Center

Location: Downtown

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June 15-19(North Hills)REGISTER
June 22-26(Downtown)REGISTER
June 22-26 (North Hills) REGISTER
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July 6-10 (North Hills)REGISTER
July 13-17 (Downtown)REGISTER
July 13-17(North Hills)REGISTER
July 13-17 (Cary)REGISTER
July 20-24 (Downtown) REGISTER
July 20-24 (Cary)REGISTER
July 27-31 (Downtown)REGISTER
July 27-31 (NC State)REGISTER
July 27-31 (North Hills)REGISTER
August 3-7 (NC State)REGISTER
August 10-14(Downtown)REGISTER
#1 - June 22-25, 2015REGISTER
#2 - June 29-July 2, 2015 REGISTER
#3 - July 6-9, 2015REGISTER
#4 - July 13-16, 2015REGISTER
#5 - July 20-23, 2015REGISTER
#6 - July 27-30, 2015REGISTER
#7 - August 3-6, 2015 REGISTER
#8 - August 10-13, 2015 REGISTER
#9 - August 17-20, 2015REGISTER
#1 - June 15-19, 2015REGISTER
#2 - June 22-26, 2015REGISTER


Startup High works for young people who aspire to change their world:

2014 Alumni

Trina Aiken Trina has thought of a solution for Health Care problems in rural areas. She strives to help individuals acquire affordable and essential Health Care options. Zubair Siam More and more people are being injured and killed in car related incidents. Zubair's app will help save many lives and victims of distracted driving. Raquel Bullock Raquel aspires to prevent students from dropping out of school. She says, " People do not always realize how important having an education is and can help you in your future." Samantha Trejo Sam has worked on an app that will give teenagers a solution to their job and volunteer search problems. She would like to see more teenagers volunteer and work in their local areas. Cydni Baldwin Cydni came to Startup High with an existing catering venture. She left with a toolkit to take it to the next level. Alice Dempsey Everyone can relate to a moment when they waited last minute to complete something. Alice has an idea for solving your procrastination needs. Eshe Brooks Eshe wants to bedazzle the world of social media with an easier way of uploading and editing. Antonio Cervantes Antonio wants to improve student's performances on test. He has created an idea for a memorization app. Simone Wilder Simone's app SOILFOOD will help individuals find a healthier alternative to their normal processed food intake. Rachel Hand Unnecessary visits to the ER can be a hassle. Rachel wants to help patients diagnosis their health problems before they take an unnecessary trip to the ER. John Ravi John Ravi has created an app for his business, MyEcoPC. He would like to reduce the amount of electronic waste in the world. Hailey Brightful Internet bullying can cause a lot of problems. Hailey's solution is friends, and her app's focus is to reduce the amount of individuals dying per year. Yessica Vargas School dropout rates are increasing yearly. Yessica wants to create an alternative schooling option for students who are considering dropping out. Elaijah Gibbs Elaijah believes that school begins way to early, which diminishes students ability to perform well in class. She has proof that students perform better when school starts later. Lizet Hernandez Lizet feels that humans need to become more aware about plants and animals that are becoming extinct. Her app will help more and more people become aware of this problem. Tiffany Burcham Animal abuse is a situation that every individual needs to become aware of. Tiffany's app would like to focus on this problem. Chris Balog Chris says, "Phones are one of the leading causes of distracted driving". He has an idea for an app that will prevent your phone from being active while in motion. Kennedy Thomas Kennedy would like to see more stores in the clothing industry embrace individuals of every shape and size. Tate Godwin Tate would like to decrease the amount of litter in our environment. A way to do this is decrease the amount of people who litter with a litter app tracker. Kenneth Harvin Head injuries amongst professional athletes is a growing problem. Kenneth has came up with a way to discover these injuries before they become disorders. Kevin Polanco Kevin would like to help solve world hunger. A solution to this big problem is to get individuals to eat less. Kendell Ely Every student and teenager struggles with the idea of what to do after high school. Kendell believes that her app can help give ideas to these people. Alex Trejo Alex would like to help new students in high school and college find their way around. Along with that find good teachers and classes to take. Deep Duggal "Homework is more weighted than learning" says Duggal. He wants to help our education system by decreasing the unnecessary homework assignments. Jack Schroeder Jack would like to solve Wi-Fi and Internet problems in third world countries. Jordan Simms Necessary treatment for our war veterans is important to Jordan. He would like his app to help veterans receive the right treatments.

2013 Students



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