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Jumpstart Your Teen's Career

After Just Four Days, Our Students Can:

√   Learn & execute professional skills in a real world environment

√   Connect w/at least 5 local business owners

√   Prepare & deliver a Shark Tank-style presentation

√   Create & optimize a LinkedIn profile

√   Deal w/rejection & bounce back quickly

√   Understand essentials of starting a business

Lunch @ Local Restaurants

Students love eating out every day, spending time with their peers & restauranteurs.

Local Business Field Trips

Field trips give students a chance to see how different businesses operate & meet local entrepreneurs

Hands-on Business Skills

Students leave with the skills & knowledge they need to get their first job (or start their own business).

CTE Programs

A Day At Startup High

Summer is a time to get out of the classroom & explore.  It's a time when some students enjoy rich educational experiences.  Our programs get students who would not otherwise meet successful leaders, out in the community. We learn through real-life scenarios with local entrepreneurs.

  • Company visits with tours & Q&A w/ entrepreneurs.

  • Presentation training & practice sessions

  • Rejection therapy - learning to hear "no"

  • Digital business essentials - LinkedIn, design, etc.

  • The art of the business lunch (at a local restaurant)

  • Entrepreneurship 101 - how to start a business

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Interested in bringing Startup High to your school district? Schedule a discovery call!

Hear From Startup High Grads

It's been so great to talk to local business leaders and get their advice. You've got to make your pathway before your start walking on it.

I have been able to go into businesses and talk to professionals and high ranking individuals. I hope to go into a pharmaceutical track for my career.

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