There is a GAP

90% of Chief Academic Officers believe they are preparing students for world of work vs. 11% of employers agree that graduates have the needed skills.

There's an ARMY of Untapped Assets

Each community has thousands of professionals ready to join the cause of preparing our young people. How do we engage them?

Increase CONNECTIONS, Increase Quality of Schools

Increase personal, direct connections between educators/students and business community will increase quality of a school system. How many times does a high school student interact with a real world professional?

Innovation ECOSYSTEMS are Emerging Everywhere

Do you know the entrepreneurs in your community? When will students interact with the innovation leaders in your area?

ENTREPRENEURIAL Thinking Is Required

Fortune reported the top skill employers are looking for is creativity and innovation.

"Every Student Should learn to PROGRAM.."

"... a computer because it teaches you to think." Steve Jobs said this. We believe him.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the LIGHTING of a fire"

Plutarch said this. We also believe him.